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Plastic shredder with the power of AI: Introducing Polystruder GR PRO

Polystruder GR PRO is the only plastic shredder with machine learning capabilities for 3D printing that utilizes ShredAI, a unique in-house developed shredding algorithm which detects the material properties to adjust motor speed and power automatically in realtime.

This cutting-edge technology represents the initial phase of our 3D printing filament maker system, dedicated to transforming waste plastic into high-quality 3D printing filament.

It has a compact construction, not bigger than a regular paper shredder, suitable for laboratories, research workspaces, and educational institutions. Upgrade your workspace now!

Trusted by top brands and institutions around the world


We have successfully conducted shredding tests using the Polystruder GR PRO plastic shredder on a diverse range of 3D printing materials, including:

  1. PLA
  2. PETG
  3. ABS
  4. NYLON
  5. ASA
  6. TPU
  7. HIPS
  8. PC (Polycarbonate)
  9. Photopolymer Resin (DLP/SLA)
  10. PA6-GF30 (Nylon 6 with 30% Glass Fiber)
  11. PA6-CF30 (Nylon 6 with 30% Carbon Fiber)


If you require testing on specific materials, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The shredding speed of the Polystruder GR PRO depends on multiple factors, including the material type, thickness, size, motor speed, and more. However, when shredding objects that are 30mm in size, made of PLA with a 1.6mm wall thickness and 20% infill, the Polystruder GR PRO has a maximum shredding capacity of approximately 3kg per hour.

Yes, the blades of the Polystruder GR PRO can be replaced by the user.

The Polystruder GR PRO can shred 10mm thick solid walled plastic parts (3D printed part with 100% solid infill). Maximum length of the part cannot exceed 150mm. We recommend cutting the parts with 5mm solid wall thickness or larger to 30mm in any direction before feeding through the machine with electrical or battery powered PVC pipe cutter.

There are virtually no limitations on the types of plastic that the Polystruder GR PRO can accept. However, it’s important to note that certain plastics with harsh additives, such as carbon fiber, wood, steel, and similar materials, can significantly reduce the lifespan of the shredding blades.

The Polystruder GR PRO features a highly efficient brushless DC motor with a maximum power draw capacity of 300W. However, on average, it consumes only 150W per hour.

ShredAI is an in-house developed custom shredding algorithm that operates by continuously monitoring real-time data such as motor power consumption, blade direction changes, and temperature. Based on this information, ShredAI makes decisions to automatically adjust the motor speed, power and direction for optimal shredding performance.

Polystruder GR PRO is designed to efficiently shred plastic waste. We strongly discourage the use of the Polystruder GR PRO for shredding any materials other than plastic. The device’s design and warranty are tailored exclusively to plastic shredding. Attempting to process other materials will result in the automatic voiding of the device warranty.

Average shredded plastic pieces varies between 3mm to 5mm. However we recommend shredding at least 2 times to achieve the more granular piece size. There could be some instances where some thin parts that as big as 20mm can fall in between blade spacers inside the collector bin.

We conducted several tests during the shredding process and found that the average noise level is 62 dBA, with a maximum of around 75 dBA. The test was conducted using a black PETG plastic object. Please note that the noise level is generated by the crushing sound during the shredding process and may vary greatly between different material types.

Technical Specifications


304 Stainless Steel Blades

10 Teeth on Each Blade

1 Large Cutting Blade

4 Medium Shredding Blades

14 Small Shredding Blades


304 Stainless Steel Octagonal Blade Shaft

304 Stainless Steel Blade Spacers

304 Stainless Steel Blade Inserts

Lightweight Aluminum Structural Frame


300W 24V BLDC Motor

90:1 Gearbox

Speed: 1 RPM - 10 RPM

40Nm Maximum Torque

55 dBA Idling Noise

Shredding Capacity

Minimum: 0.5kg/hr

Maximum: 5.0kg/hr

Optimal: 1.5kg/hr

3 Liters Hopper Volume

4.5 Liters Collector Bin Volume


Dual Core 32 bit MCU

3.2in Touchscreen

Wi-Fi Connectivity

OTA Firmware Updates

4 Safety Sensors

1 Power Sensor

1 Hall Effect Sensor

Safety Relay

Power Input

6.8A/115VAC - 3.4A/230VAC

Power Output

14.6A/24VDC 350W


Length: 337mm - 13.2in

Width: 288mm - 11.3in

Height: 469mm - 18.4in


24kg / 52lbs

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12-month equal pay option available.

FREE SHIPPING on expedited orders for USA based customers.


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