About Us

Our journey began during the initial stages of the COVID-19 period. Observing the accumulation of waste plastics resulting from my hobby of 3D printing at home, I felt compelled to take action.

Like many others, I explored existing solutions on the market in search of a reliable and reasonably priced option. However, to my dismay, there were none to be found. Determined to fill this gap, I made the decision to create a solution myself.

Thus, the foundation was laid for what would later become Polystruder.

Polystruder Filament Extruder First Version

First iteration of unnamed extruder which will eventually became Polystruder XR PRO. October 2020.

Roughly two years ago, armed with nothing more than a rudimentary design sketched on a sweltering October day in Los Angeles, our journey commenced. Through perseverance, countless sleepless nights, copious amounts of coffee, financial sacrifices, and the unwavering support of a growing online community, our vision gradually transformed into a magnificent ecosystem.

Polystruder Filament Extruder Last Version

Latest iteration of Polystruder XR PRO. September 2022.

Today, we stand on the verge of launching our startup, with three products in the pipeline and meticulous organizational preparations underway. An air of excitement permeates our team as we embark on this real adventure.

Nevertheless, this is just the beginning. Our future holds a myriad of remarkable product ideas awaiting exploration...



Development facts

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design iterations
+ 0 kg
plastics consumed
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hours of work

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