Each year, a staggering 35% of recyclable 3D printing filament is wasted worldwide.

Astonishingly, nearly 90% of this waste ends up in landfills without undergoing any recycling.

At Polystruder, we're determined to drive change!

Unlock exceptional cost savings, a substantial reduction in material waste, and a minimum 50% decrease in your carbon footprint with Polystruder's desktop 3D printing filament maker system.

No limitation!

Polystruder's advanced filament maker system is carefully crafted for the accurate extrusion of both new and recycled plastics, turning them into top-notch 3D printing filaments, ideal for your creative projects.

Multi material capability.

Unleash your potential to create an extensive array of 3D printing filaments using our system. It comes with interchangeable extrusion screws and nozzles, engineered with precision to meet the demands of different materials.

Cost effective!

Our system delivers unmatched cost-efficiency in comparison to others with similar performance, allowing for a quicker return on investment, which can be up to 5 times faster in certain situations.

User friendly.

Discover a state-of-the-art user interface featuring user-friendly touchscreen capabilities and specialized firmware crafted for 3D printing filament extrusion. Make the most of OTA software updates for streamlined processes and automated filament production.

Open source hardware!

We build our filament maker machines based on open-source principles and hold a strong commitment to sharing detailed hardware specifications with the public in the coming months.

Single ecosystem,
multiple solutions

Print farms

Transform your 3D print farm with our cutting-edge filament maker system. Save costs and reduce material waste while enhancing sustainability. Opting for our system means committing to an eco-friendly and efficient future for your print farm operations.

Education Institutions

Empower schools with our advanced filament maker tech, seamlessly integrating it into their curriculum. Our system not only cuts costs but also offers practical, hands-on learning experiences. Give your students immersive 3D printing opportunities, fostering innovation and sustainability in the classroom. Join us to inspire the next generation and reshape education together.

Maker Spaces

Enhance your maker space with our versatile filament maker system. By overcoming filament constraints, you unlock your creative potential and reduce costs. Embrace eco-friendly practices, unleash your creativity, and explore limitless possibilities with our system. It paves the way for a sustainable and innovative future for your maker space.


Transform your laboratory research and development with our state-of-the-art filament maker system. With it, you can guarantee a constant, top-quality supply of filament for a variety of experiments, prototypes, and rigorous tests. Moreover, this isn't just about quality; it's about making sustainability and cost-efficiency the pillars of your laboratory operations.

Industrial Spaces

Transform efficiency in industrial settings with our advanced filament maker system. Cut manufacturing times from days to hours and boost cost-performance efficiency. Reduce material waste and align with sustainability goals while optimizing your core processes.

Evolution of polystruder

Embark on a journey through the evolution of Polystruder's system, from its initial prototypes to the cutting-edge final product. Explore each milestone, design iteration, and engineering refinement, gaining valuable insights into the dedication and craftsmanship that shaped our top-tier filament maker system.

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