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The next generation desktop class 3D printing filament extruder system.

25 percent of recyclable 3D printing filament is wasted annually worldwide.
Around 90 percent of it goes to landfill.

That is equivelant of 225M USD loss each year.

It is time to change that!

Custom"er" tailored machines.

Designed to extrude virgin or recycled plastic back to usable 3D printing filament.

Multi material capability.

Ability to produce wide range of 3D printing filaments with different types of user swappable extrusion screws and nozzles, each designed for specific materials and needs.​

Shorter ROI.

Best in class cost performance ratio compared to similar filament extruder systems, allows for a shorter time required to return of investment, up to 5X in some cases.

User friendly.

Assembled and maintained by user like a furniture with user friendly online assembly and maintenance guide. Reduces downtime.

Open source hardware!

Yes, it is true!

Watch the introduction trailer.

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