How everything started?

Well, we are not meant of "Big Bang" by that.

But instead, it all started during at the beginning COVID-19 period. Looking at the pile of waste plastics accumulating at my home due to 3D printing as a hobby forced me to do something about it.

Like most, I looked for present solutions on the market to see if there is anything reliable and within reasonable price range. Well, there were none! So I decided to build myself.

That laid the bricks of the first version of what was eventually became Polystruder.

Polystruder Filament Extruder First Version

First iteration of unnamed extruder which will eventually became polystruder XR PRO. October 2020.

It all started about 2 years ago with not more than a crude design that I sketched over a weekend during a hot October day on Los Angeles. But in time with persistence, sleepless nights, tons of coffee, some financial burden and with the support of consistently growing online community, our two crazy cats and my dear wife, it evolved into a beautiful ecosystem.

Polystruder Filament Extruder Last Version

Current iteration of polystruder XR PRO. September 2022.

Nowadays, we are preparing to launch our startup with 3 products on the pipeline, getting organized, and a lot of excitement is happening!

However today, our real adventure just started and we have other great product ideas to do in future...



Development facts

total design iterations
+ 0 kg
of filament consumed
+ 0
hours of work

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